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American jazz keyboardist Adam Holzman (born 15 February 1958, New York City) has played with a wide variety of notable performers and bands – often working as their producer and arranger at the same time.

Being the son of Elektra Records’ founder (Jac Holzman) Adam Holzman was introduced to the music industry early on. His skilled mastering of the piano led to a recording gig with Miles Davis for his 1985 “Tutu” album. Holzman stayed with Davis for four years, eventually becoming his musical director. In the early 1990s, he founded the band Mona Lisa Overdrive, which subsequently changed its name to Brave New World due to copyright issues. In his carrier as a recording and touring musician Holzman has worked with Robben Ford, Marcus Miller and Ray Wilson, just to mention a few. In the last couple of years Adam Holzman has toured with prog rock sensation Steven Wilson.

That’s all fine and well, but what is a keyboard player doing on TC Electronic’s page, you ask?

Well, whenever something really great and versatile is made, there’s virtually no limit for its uses. The Fender Bassman amp was (as the name suggests) a Bass amp only, but guitarists found that it cranked up even nicer when fed with an electric guitar. Similarly, Leslie-cabinets were originally the Hammond-player choice only, but Hendrix, Clapton and other guitar geniuses changed that throughout the 1960s. In the same way, keyboard players have also taken guitar-centric technology and made it theirs. Ever since the release of TC Electronic’s legendary Stereo Chorus Flanger, Rhodes-players have used the pedal to give an edge to their playing. Adam Holzman has an extensive collection of guitar pedals. Among the crowd you will find the Hall Of Fame and the Flashback Delay.

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Steven Wilson 'Harmony Korine' Live in Mexico

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