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Rock and roll, hard rock, punk rock and metal are all genres that the Danish rock band, Volbeat, master. The band toured with legendary Metallica in 2010 and is a force to be reckoned with live. We had a chat with bassist Anders Kjølholm from Volbeat to hear his view on our bass gear.

Volbeat was formed in Copenhagen in 2001, and comprises of vocalist and guitarist Michael Poulsen, guitarist Thomas Bredahl, bassist Anders Kjølholm and drummer Jon Larsen. Volbeat has released four studio albums and one live DVD, that are all chart toppers and/or certified gold in Europe, with their seminal release "Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil" certified Platinum.

Steadily increasing their fan base with their unique style of music and uncompromising stage shows, Volbeat continues to marry Heavy Metal and Rockabilly, smear it with a kiss of crunchy guitars, before driving away in a vintage Cadillac stuffed with Marshall plexis and filled with leaded gas.

We caught up with Volbeat's bass player Anders Kjølholm, who has been part of Volbeat since day one, to hear his view on our gear he uses on- and off stage (watch video on the left). Though Volbeat was formed in 2001, Anders' passion for playing music is not a new thing:

Anders:It started in school when I was about 10 years old. I saw the drum kit in my school's music room, so it started out with me wanting to play drums. That is how it started. Then my friend formed a band, but his friend was playing the drums already and he was on the guitar, so I was left with the only instrument in the room, the bass. After a while the bass was my best friend, and I've been playing bass ever since.

TC: Which TC products are you using?

Anders:I am using the RH450 bass amp, the RS410 cabs and the Polytone tuner.

TC: How did you hear about the gear in the first place and what attracted you to it?

Anders:My tech had heard about it, so we tried it out and it sounded really good, so I went for it. It's small and light but very powerful and with a great tone. I use it both for live gigs and in the studio”, Anders says regarding the daily use of the units. “It hasn't really changed the way I work or play, but the 4 channel switch is a good feature, as I don't have to dial on the amp, and I can just switch to another channel to bring up more low end or tone if needed”.

Anytime Volbeat enters the studio or steps on to the stage, Anders knows exactly what he can expect from his TC Electronics gear when it comes to reliability and sound, which of course lets him focus on the performance at hand, instead of constant tweaking and worrying: “I just plug in and play, not much else to do. I don't compose or write the music and the recording is straight forward.

Finally, we asked Anders about his plans for the future in the ever-busy Volbeat, which he summed up quite neatly: “Playing the bass to the day I die!”


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