About Ben Eller

Ben Eller is a popular YouTuber who has gained popularity for his awe-some chops on his guitar lesson series “This is Why You Suck at Guitar”.

“Uncle” Ben Eller is a guitarist and bass player from Tennessee, known for his YouTube channel, showcasing a relaxed and enthusiastic vibe, whether he’s teaching basic chords for beginners or taking experienced players through a Megadeth solo.

Growing up as a home-schooled child, Eller had plenty of time on his hands after finishing his homework. He got hooked on playing guitar at the age of 16 after his older brother came home with a bunch of old Metallica albums like “Ride The Lighting (1984)” and “Master of Puppets (1986)”.

Initially, he just wanted to learn how to play his favorite songs by Weezer, Silverchair and the Foo Fighters, but after listening to guitar virtuosos like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Eddie Van Halen, Eller decided to share his newly discovered passion and curiosity for learning with other guitar aficionados.

Whether it’s in person, on Skype or in a YouTube lesson, he absolutely loves to teach. His musical talent and enthusiastic approach to teaching various genres including rock, metal, western and country are highly appreciated by his students.

When Eller isn’t making guitar lessons for his social media channels, he’s busy demonstrating his musical talent on stage in several outfits, namely 80's hair metal tribute Skankbanger, the southern blues-rock Kennedy Wood Band as well as laying down bass and guitar with Andy Wood's instrumental project.

He has also featured as a guest guitarist for the deathcore act, Whitechapel, laying down leads for their self-titled release, as well as the albums “Our Endless War" and "Mark of the Blade".

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