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Bobby Fernandez is a busy scoring mixer from Los Angeles who has worked on film with such prominent producers and directors as Clint Eastwood, Sam Raimi, Tim Burton, Alexander Payne and Peter Weir.

The System 6000 has been his go-to reverb for over 13 years. The unit has been used on more than 200 films, including a number of large productions such as all of Clint Eastwood’s films since 2002. Bobby’s credits include soundtracks and music albums by Randy Newman, Danny Elfman, Charlie Parker, Michael Kamen, Marc Anthony and Pet Shop Boys. In 2004, he won the Grammy Award® for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical – “Genius Loves Company,” performed by Ray Charles and various artists.

Bobby immediately fell in love with the System 6000 the first time he heard it. “It was a reverb that I had been hoping that someone would come up with,” he recalls. “When I heard [the 6000] it was like actually being in a hall or a church. If you listen to the reverb tails, they are very natural and long without any regeneration. I immediately knew that this was a reverb I would have to have.

“It does many, many things but, for me, the reverbs are the main thing that really drew me to the box. I use it in a 5.0 configuration, where I access the dual engine for both analog and digital 5.0, which is all I need. I use it in a 5.0 configuration because I would like to be able to bring up a reverb and emulate it being in the middle of a hall or a church.

“There are a lot of other reverbs out there that do what the 6000 does, but not as well. A lot of them are stereo boxes, so you will need several of them to do what this does. I would much rather have just one box, open it up, call up a program, save all my presets, and not have to deal with a series of different boxes.”

The scoring mixer uses the LFE channel, but not as a bass-management system to control low frequencies in his mix. Instead, he utilizes it as an effect separate from the 5.0 mix, where he assigns instruments that natively have a distinct low-end - such as synth pads or bass drums - to make them stand out.

Bobby has also used the popular Unwrap Algorithm with great results on several projects. “It’s a great option to have if you are opening up old recordings from stereo or even mono into 5.1,” he says.

“I can always count on [the TC 6000] - I can't think of mixing a film without it,” he concludes.” My only regret is that I don’t have enough of them! If you haven’t tried it, this is the box you need to use.”

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