Clarity X

Clarity X is an ultra-flexible monitor controller, covering channel formats up to 7.1 surround. Plus it includes several advanced meters that allow you to never compromise on the clarity and intelligibility of your mix.


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LCn Loudness Correct


LCn Loudness Correct is your shortcut to loudness-normalized audio files targeted at any delivery platform.


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Loudness Pilot - Multiple Stereo Loudness Processor

CCTV Installs 100 DB8 MKII

CCTV News Img

CCTV has more than a billion viewers and five control rooms each capable of handling 10 TV channels. The audio of all these channels is managed by DB8 MKII TV Transmission Processors. "We have inserted the DB8 MKII units into the signal chains of our broadcasting system and use them for loudness measuring as well as real-time loudness correction and upconversion from stereo to 5.1," says Jiang Ming, chief broadcast engineer at CCTV. "The units are used in live broadcast transmissions, so reliability is absolutely key. Another important factor is that we want to control the loudness of the programs we broadcast, but at the same time we do not want to sacrifice the audio quality. We brought in a lot of different processors and carried out comprehensive tests, and ultimately the DB8 MKII units proved to perform the best."


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DB6 - Broadcast Audio Processor

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