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Starting his career as a live-sound engineer during the early 1970s, Danny Vicari has since handled sound engineering for such leading artists as AC/DC, Chick Corea and Bobby McFerrin. He is now the owner of LAFX Studios, based in Los Angeles.

LAFX Studios originally began life in 1988 as an audio-equipment rental company for major recording facilities, record producers, engineers and movie studios. Six years later, Danny purchased a mixing console and the LAFX recording studio became a reality.

Today, LAFX is still going strong, with an enviable reputations as a high-quality rental facility, while the recording studio remains one of the “truest” sounding mix rooms in Southern California.

Over the years, Danny has used a range of TC Electronic products for sound production. “I’ve always used a lot of TC products,” he offers. “It all started with the TC 2290, which is still one of the main-stay delays that we use here at the studio. It’s always been my favorite for delay, and is still the first choice for live sound. Through the years I’ve used the M2000, the M3000 and I even carry a Nova Delay pedal with me, just in case I’m out somewhere in Eastern Europe and I can’t get the equipment I need, such as the 2290.”

The System 6000 remains a key element in all of Danny’s productions. “The most-used reverbs and delays here in the studio are from the System 6000,” the engineer states. “We’ve used those for both music and movies in both stereo and surround. Also in terms of rentals, the System 6000 is the most popular.”

A major application for the System 6000 has been for the Oscar® Show, for which Danny himself handles both design and setup for the orchestra at the venue used for all the pre-records; LAFX also has one or two 6000 units at the venue for the audio production truck.

Danny and his many clients use an assortment of different algorithms for System 6000, both in the studio and with outside productions. "In a live application, I most often end up using the large hall reverbs,” he continues. “I really like the large halls; they always sound great. But I also use Room, Hall and Plate, depending upon what is appropriate for the specific project. My clients have also used the Unwrap application on many projects, such as AC/DC and Jimi Hendrix DVD and album releases.”

Asked about typical uses of the System 6000 in the studio, Danny says: “I do a lot of live recordings of the shows that we do. Sometimes, you want to add a nice little ‘sheen,’ or you want to have a room sound simulation; it’s great for those applications. Actually, it’s often the only thing I use, since I always try to make it sound as natural as possible. With the System 6000, you can do anything - you can make it sound like a room or a studio recording. It’s very successful here.”

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