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David Hewitt’s Company, Hewitt Remote Services, is among the first choices for anyone who needs a high end Remote Recording Truck and crew. Hewitt has been recording live Shows since the early 1970s, working with some of the biggest stars and live events in the industry.

Hewitt has worked with everyone from Aretha to Zappa and has recorded such Jazz Stars as Miles Davis and Classic events such as the Metropolitan Opera.

“When you have Clients like these, you better bring the best available gear and TC is at the top of that list. When you apply effects like reverb to live instruments, you really start to hear the difference between these devices. The TC is just so clean and realistic.”

For fifteen years Hewitt has worked with the Academy Awards and Tom Vicari to provide the live Orchestra Mix. This of course has to match up with the pre-recorded tracks Tom has recorded at Capitol Studios for play ons, bumpers, etc. In both locations they use TC System 6000 to blend seamlessly together.

While much of the work you do in a Remote Truck is similar to Studio work, it’s the differences that have kept David Hewitt on the road for more than 40 years. You have to be able plan ahead and think on your feet. Anything that can go wrong, eventually will. As the saying goes, “The Show is that little inconvenience between the Load-in and the Load-out”. To him the Studio is focused on the individual elements of Music, while the Remote Truck deals with live Music in real time.

Videos with David Hewitt

David Hewitt talks about his use of System 6000

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