DB2 puts all of the tools necessary for trouble-free broadcasting into one rack-mountable unit, and adds to a scalable family of processors covering from regional stations to network centers, from Pod-cast to HDTV, from AC3 to linear, and from mono to 5.1.


  • Automatic Loudness Correction - Consistant Loudness without the Hassle
  • Compliant - ITU BS.1770, EBU R128, ATSC A/85, etc.
  • Upgradeable - If Your Needs Grow, Upgrade from DB2 to DB4 or DB8

The Transparent Loop

Closed Loop

We are the world's premier supplier of automatic loudness correction equipment and our high-quality audio loudness range trickle-down concept works independently of metadata, but nevertheless is fully compliant with metadata in, for instance, the AC3 codec.

DB processors not only automate loudness control in a proper way, they also help take the extra workload and unpredictable behavior out of the codec.

Apply it in ingest and/or transmission as part of a transparent loop, based on international open broadcast standards, spanning from production over transmission to delivery at the home viewer/listener.

If you're in production, use one of our metering tools such as the LM6 radar loudness meter and obtain predictable results across broadcast platforms. News, soap, commercial, film, music, promo. All genres are covered.

Step Up as You Go Along

If you find that your needs grow within two years of the original purchase, you can upgrade your DB2 to DB4 or DB8 at only the price difference plus a modest handling cost.

Because, let's face it: You'll never know if your audience will prefer stereo, multiple stereo, multichannel, or something else, so why not stay as flexible and as automated as possible at a minimum entry cost, yet retaining a valuable option to upgrade.

The Tools

DB2 gives you a wide variety of connection options to ensure simple yet comprehensive integration into all of the most popular broadcasting systems. You can also remote control DB2 with our award-winning Icon software, allowing direct parameter control and preset switching from any location.

Based on an immensely powerful, low-latency topology, DB2 gives you a host of 48-bit resolution tools to be used simultaneously:

  • 5-band Level Optimization
  • On-line Delay Adjustment
  • Adaptive Limiting
  • Emphasis Compensation
  • Filtering and EQ
  • Stereo Width Adjustment

Up to date in Sachen Standards

Bei der Entwicklung von Rundfunkstandards schenkt man uns Gehör und Vertrauen. Wir haben sogar vielen internationalen Organisationen jene Technologien überlassen, auf denen auch die Arbeit Ihres Senders beruht.

Rechtsvorschriften zur Lautheit im Rundfunk sind ein sich ständig weiterentwickelndes Feld. Aber ganz gleich, wo Sie senden und welche Loudness-Produkte von TC Electronic Sie verwenden: Wir unterstützen wir Sie bei der Einhaltung der jeweils aktuellen Rundfunkstandards, die Sie beim Sendebetrieb zu beachten haben.


Audio I/O include 24 bit AES3-id on BNC connectors and balanced analog on XLR connectors with analog domain gain scaling. Digital as well as analog I/O feature hardware bypass.

Remote control may be established via RS232, USB and/or GPI; and SNMP signaling is available via the Icon application.

DB2 rear
DB2 rear

Total Control With The TC Icon Remote

TC Icon MKII_490

Our innovative and attractive TC Icon Remote is able to control a wide range of our units - including DB2.

  • Incredibly Fast Response On Touch Screen and Faders
  • Attractive and User Friendly User Interface
  • Controls Even More Studio and Broadcast Units from TC With Dual Ethernet and Dual USB ports
  • Add a Loudness Meter to Your Audio Arsenal
  • Integrate Multiple Mainframes and TC Icons/Editors Into Your Network

Learn More About the TC Icon Remote...

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Es kann zur echten Herausforderung werden, bei allen Aspekten des komplexen Themas "Lautheit" den Überblick zu behalten. Daher haben wir eine spezielle Site zu diesem Thema publiziert. Hier finden Sie relevante Informationen zu den wichtigsten Aspekten.

Im Mittelpunkt steht dabei die Frage:
"Was ist Lautheit, und warum ist dieses Thema wichtig?"

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In the Press

There's a reason that world-leading broadcast magazine regularly invite us to share our knowledge: we've been pioneers in the digital audio world since 1985.

We've taken part in research studies and the definition of international broadcast standards right from the start, donating technology which has become a crucial part in new, open international standards.


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