About Emily Kokal

Emily Kokal is one of the co-founders of the indie rock band, Warpaint, known for its art rocky, dream pop and psychedelic rock style with enough time changes to satisfy even the most bearded prog-fanatics.

Emily Kokal is known as the lead singer and co-founder of the indie rock band, Warpaint. She got into music and started playing piano aged 8 and met future Warpaint band mate Theresa Wayman in choir class at age 11 in the girls' home town of Eugene, Oregon.

But it was after listening to artists such as Elliott Smith and Cat Power in high school, that Kokal decided to fully commit herself to music and song-writing. She also cites artists as diverse as Björk, Joni Mitchell, OutKast and Wu Tang Clan as her main influences.

In 2004, Kokal used to spend hours hanging around a friend’s L.A. studio to expand her musical knowledge. Being regularly in the studio made her want to play music, but it was never about having a professional career in Hollywood. It was just about playing music with friends and having a good time.

After living in Los Angeles for a while, Kokal came across Shannyn Sossamon and Jenny Lindberg (bassist, vocalist) and they hit it off immediately. Shortly afterwards, the girls decided to do a jam session, which led to the creation of Warpaint on Valentine’s Day 2004.

When hearing Kokal and the rest of the band, it’s quite clear what sets them apart from other indie rock bands; Warpaint draws on a wide range of genres from rock to jazz to hip-hop and everything in between.

Warpaint leans heavily on undeniable grooves and a common affection for dissonant, moody melodies over aggressive bass lines that drive their songs into your soul.

Recently, the band has been busy touring with various bands and artists, which has led them to be the opening act of veteran synth rockers Depeche Mode’s Global Tour (2017) and tour in support of Harry Styles in May 2018.

TonePrints by Emily Kokal