Products Used by Gary Holt

About Gary Holt

Gary Holt is the talented lead guitarist and songwriter in the American thrash metal band Exodus.

ary is a dedicated and skilled guitarist, who get’s his inspiration from legends like Ritchie Blackmore, Angus Young and Ted Nugent. We got the chance to have a quick chat with Gary about our guitar gear, which he has been using for some time.

TC: How did you get into music?

Gary: “Like many young kids, I just wanted to do what all my heroes were doing. Play guitar and especially heavy metal. Kirk Hammett is actually the guy who taught me my first chords and brought me into Exodus.”

TC: Which TC products are you using?

Gary: “Right now I’m using a few of the pedals. I’m especially in love with the Vortex Flanger. I used it on a couple of solos when touring with Slayer. I’m waiting to try out the G-System. It is state of the art effects with the added bonus of controlling my stop boxes too. “

TC: How did you hear about TC’s equipment?

Gary: “I owned a TC parametric EQ pedal for years, I loved that thing. I’ve actually been trying to find another one. Furthermore, I’d always heard how great the rest of the TC gear was and it’s true. Amazing sound quality and bulletproof construction.”

He continues: “My rig at the Slayer tour is pretty simple, so I just tweaked the sound to suit my playing and added the TC Flanger to the rig, but as soon as I get home, I will have some free time to experiment with the other gear and get them added to my rack. I’m dying to get more involved with the gear.”


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