Beaty Hall TonePrint by Mark King

The Beaty Hall TonePrint is a long and bright reverb that Mark enjoys using on both solo phrasing and on ballades, where he only use slaps occasionally. The TonePrint's sizzeling highs are very audible and creates and atmosphere of its own.


Sound examples by Uriah Duffy

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Mark King "Beaty Hall" TonePrint for Hall Of Fame

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TC met up with the legendary Mark King during his show in Copenhagen to get his take on creating an inspiring TonePrint for the Vortex Flanger pedal.

King is known as a bassist who is not afraid to use effects in his songs and has in fact had a long relationship with TC Electronic gear as the mainstay of his effects rig since 1987. He still uses the TC 2290 due to its fantastic and rugged quality, which, according to King, has never let him down. In addition to the 2290, he also uses the G-Major and G-Minor foot pedals to fine tune his very percussive playing style.

“An effect is an effect; you use it to enhance something that you’re doing at the time,” King said as he told us a little about how he used effects and their significance to his playing style. As this suggests, King was looking for an effect that would add a boost but not dominate the sound that he created. With this in mind a standard flanging tone was created that added a delicate chorus to the tone, which King referred to as a “little sweep”; a sound that he felt was beautiful. “It is nice and subtle and doesn’t kill your tone,” he said as we rounded up the session.

‘Sweet Minger’ was the name that first sprang to King’s mind when given the opportunity to name his smooth new creation.

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