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Strongly linked with the underground drum & bass community, Ben “the Verse” Mount is a UK-based rapper, producer and label boss, known best as the fiery MC for hard rock/ electronica phenomenon Pendulum.

There are about 50 ways to say “awesome”, and they all rhyme with Ben Verse.

With sixty-odd dubstep and drum & bass releases to his name, he has been pushing out a steady flow of airtight, NASA-grade productions and has over the last couple of years emerged as one of a new wave of select producers to really watch out for.

In addition to music issued on his own Crunch Recordings imprint which he launched back in 2004, Ben has releases on Renegade Hardware, Vision, Architecture and N-Type’s legendary Wheel & Deal Records - to name but a few.

One of the solid signatures of his 16 years of producing is the clean, deep and organic tone that connects all the elements of his mixes, whether they’re stomping around the bass heavy neighbourhoods or veering into lighter, more rattling territories.

Solo projects aside, Ben has enjoyed massive success as the MC for platinum-selling band Pendulum, whose 2010 album Immersion immediately claimed the no. 1 spot in the UK, propelling the drum & bass genre back into public awareness.

Currently based out of London, Ben can be found performing all over the world as a DJ and rapper - both with and without Pendulum - as well as developing upcoming artists based in his Black Swan Studios.

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