MDX HiRes EQ Original


There can be absolutely no doubt that George Massenburg has a great sense of audio, and the MDW® HiRes EQ has been developed strictly to his personal specifications. As the MDW® design complements the TC Electronic EQ alternatives, you simply get the opportunity to choose between several desirable EQ flavors, each with their own specific advantages.

Stereo and Surround
With this algorithm running on a System 6000, you get a pristine 48-bit precision signal path from input to output. Further, you get both 2 and 6 channel configurations with flexible linking and absolute/relative real-time adjustment properties. The 6-channel version features 6 identical channels making it equally suitable for processing 5.1 and 6.0 signals.

Ups and Downs
In order to replicate the most precise behavior of a true analog EQ and to minimize potential alias distortion, the MDW® HiRes EQ uses a special approach. In short, if your sample rate is 44.1 or 48kHz, the signal will be up-sampled to double rate, processed and, then, down-sampled to the original rate. Obviously, the EQ can also be operated at 88.2 or 96kHz, and, in this case, up/down sampling is bypassed, providing a bit transparent signal path at unity gain.

5 Flexible Bands
The EQs feature 5 parametric bands per channel, and you can configure outer bands as shelving or 2nd order filters (Butterworth). Further, you can switch Band 1 filters between 2nd and 4th order, and all five bands cover the complete frequency range. Finally, each parametric or shelving band is capable of cutting/boosting over a +/-25 dB range.


*MDW HIRES EQ license is available only when purchasing a Music 6000 or Mastering 6000.