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With both an Emmy and a Golden Reel award on his shelf, James Mather is one of the top supervising sound editors in the film industry and has proven time and again, that he is a true master of turning fantasy into sound and silence.

More than 20 years into his career, James Mather is working as supervising sound editor, re-recordist and sound designer out of the UK post-production hub in London’s Soho district.

His ability to collaborate with the filmmakers and create consistent sound profiles across movies has seen him put audio to blockbusters as well as stop-motion feature films and classic drama.

“Sound is the last stage of the film making process, so it has an awful lot of responsibility to all the people who have created it thus far,” he tells us as we meet up with him for a chat in the West End of London.

“It is all about translating the director’s vision and needs to tell the story. Everything we do is deliberate – and there isn’t a sound in there that hasn’t been considered and exists there for a good reason.”

As he and his team explore the footage, they come up with a vast catalogue of ideas for sound design and occasionally end up re-recording the effects side of the sound track – both on location and via foley recordings – to piece it all together in the editing room.

The impressive and diverse list of movies to Mather’s credit include Sherlock Holmes, the Philip Glass-scored Notes on a Scandal, a dozen episodes of Creature Comforts and no less than four installments of the Harry Potter series.

All of these demand great attention to detail in the use of both sound - and silence. Same goes for his perhaps most unique work as a sound editor: Nick Park’s two stop-motion masterpieces, Chicken Run and the Oscar-winning Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Here Mather dives deep into the immersive qualities of a good soundscape and helps bring life to the plasticine puppets, that has captivated moviegoers of all ages and kept them on the edge of their seats.

Recently he has been working on numerous feature films – all of them too top secret for us to mention here.

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