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About J.D. Simo

The best guitarist in Nashville? JD Simo blends the best elements of blazing, tasteful, authoritative country guitar with a great mix of the best of Cream-era Eric Clapton and a touch of Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac – with that recipe we are in for a full course meal in guitar heaven.

In the words of the legendary blues rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa “JD is one of the best out there right now!”

As a 4-year-old tot JD Simo was impressed by the movie The Blues Brothers and Elvis Presley so naturally he wanted a guitar in his hands. Growing up near Chicago blues clubs in the mid 1980’s, Simo caught the music bug early. By the age of 15 the highly determined Simo had already formed a band and released a live EP Burning Live that sold over 5000 copies. He quickly earned a strong local following in the Phoenix area. He spent most of his teenage years touring, either in his own solo endeavours or in various other bands.

In 2006 he moved his ambitions and hunger to Nashville and established himself as the lead guitarist in the Don Kelley Band. This band has been the main incubator for the best guitarist Nashville has to offer since prominent names like Brent Mason, Johnny Hiland, Guthrie Trapp and his now successor the fleet-fingered Daniel Donato. This led to a high demand on Simo’s skills and sound and he got employed as a high-class session musician.

In 2010 he joined his awesome forces with bassist Frank Swart and drummer Adam Abrashoff and formed the rock band SIMO. The band toured extensively and featured at several festivals including Mountain Jam and Bonaroo. Shaking of the demise of CDs, SIMO harkens back to the days when bands built followings not online, but night after night, show after show on stage.

SIMO like jam bands Phish and the Greatful Dead encourages fans to live-tape his shows and share them online, so fans of the band can share and recreate the live experience.

Not only is Simo sharing his musical gifts through live appearances and studio albums, he also maintains an online blog, featuring videos of his playing style as well as information about vintage music equipment as a nice side-dish to an already perfect meal

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