About Jennifer Lindberg

Jennifer Lindberg is one of the co-founders of the indie rock band, War-paint, known for its art rocky, dream pop and psychedelic rock style with enough time changes to satisfy even the most bearded prog-fanatics.

Based in Los Angeles, Jenny Lindberg is known as the bassist of the indie rock band, Warpaint. Her bluesy chords, droning bass and raspy voice give the band an extra touch that separates them from other bands in today’s music industry.

Born in Reno, Nevada, Lindberg grew up in a family that encouraged creativity. She spent her childhood alternately going from dance to music, since her parents didn’t want to buy her an instrument.

At 18, Lindberg followed her sister (actress Shannyn Sossamon) to L.A. She got into music at the of 19, where she began experimenting with textures and chords on her newly acquired bass.

After living in Los Angeles for a few years, she was recruited by a cover band at a neighbor’s house, which ultimately led her to play regularly at a tiny club that hosted early performances from Adele and Laura Marling among others.

Later that year, Lindberg met Emily Kokal, which led to the creation of Warpaint in 2004. Since then, Warpaint has released one EP and three albums with the latest album “Heads Up” making its way to the charts in 2016.

When hearing Lindberg and the rest of the band, it’s quite clear that what sets them apart from other indie rock bands; Warpaint draws on a wide range of genres from rock to jazz to hip-hop and everything in between.

Warpaint leans heavily on undeniable grooves and a common affection for dissonant, moody melodies over aggressive bass lines that drive their songs into your soul.

Recently, the band has been busy touring with various bands and artists such, which has led them to be the opening act of veteran synth rockers Depeche Mode’s global tour (2017) and tour in support of Harry Styles in 2018.

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