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About Jermaine Morgan

Jermaine Morgan is a well-rounded bass player/multi-instrumentalist and the leader of the soulful/fusion group The Jermaine Morgan Band as well as music director at one of the largest mega churches in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jermaine Morgan grew up in a small town in Mississippi as part of very musical family, watching his mother play the piano and bass for the local church.

There are many religious as well as jazz influences in his music which work together to create a unique and soulful sound.

Jermaine Currently teaches over 20,000 up and coming bass players via YouTube and his own personal website, where he offers virtual bass courses.

This was the result of trying to figure out ways to help more people with a limited amount of time.

Jermaine is really big on community and helping to reach the youth. Although he resides in Atlanta, he still has a great deal of concern for the youth back home in Mississippi as well as where music appreciation is headed in that area.

As a result of this, he decided to be proactive and do something about the situation by becoming the founder of Chickasaw County Instrumental Music Festival (CCIMF) in his hometown of Houston, Mississippi.

Morgan is also heavily involved with several other charitable events in Northeast Mississippi including Shed for a Cause and Music Matters.

Jermaine hopes to inspire, influence, and encourage others through his music.


Shed for a cause

Music Matters

Chickasaw County Instrumental Music Festival