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Johnny Hiland was practically born with a guitar in his hand and with bluegrass music in his blood. At the tender age of ten, he won a talent show that put him in front of an audience in New York City. At that time he’d already been touring with the family band for several years.

A bluegrass picking marvel, Hiland is born legally blind, so there were a lot of the things his friends could do, that he never really could. This led him to the guitar when he was just two years old. Since his childhood Hiland has branched out from bluegrass, owing to the influence of rock guitarists like Eddie Van Halen and Joe Satriani, who he was exposed to in high school. In 1996 he moved to Nashville, and he quickly became a well-known face at several local clubs, which later earned him a residency at the famous Turf club, and as if that wasn’t enough he was also the first unsigned artist in Nashville to get an endorsement deal with Fender.

It was while living and playing in Nashville that Steve Vai heard Hiland's playing, and offered to sign him to his Favored Nations label. His self-titled debut album came out in 2004. By that time he was also a busy session musician in Nashville. He has recorded with Ricky Skaggs, Lynn Anderson, Toby Keith and many others.

In 2011 he signed with Shrapnel Records putting out the record “All Fired Up” where he once again shows off his hybrid picking that exhibits both his other-worldly speed and uncanny precision. On “All Fired Up” he once again demonstrate his chops with a mix of chicken picking, heavy rock, country and pop.

Johnny Hiland loves to teach, and he continues to give private guitar lessons. He has also made several instructional videos, teaching different guitar skills, mainly chicken picking, which is something of a specialty of his.

Throughout the years Johnny has toured with his own band, The Johnny Hiland Band, as well as playing with artists like Sammy Hagar Ted Nugent, George Clinton, Joe Bonamassa, Steve Vai, and many more.

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Johnny Hiland - Slow Blues at the Dallas International Guitar Festival

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