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K5 is primarily known as the guitar player in NAMBA69 with the legendary punk bass player Akihiro Namba.

He started his career in 2005 when he formed the band "Start From Scratch”. In 2007, the band debuted with their first original album “Change The World,” and toured around Japan with bands like +44, and was invited to big events like PUNKSPRING. When Start From Scratch went on hiatus, K5 started his own acoustic project named Greenshit-81, moving away from the punk rock sound of Start From Scratch, and into a more mellow acoustic sound.

When Akihiro Namba started his solo project in 2010, K5 was his first choice on the guitar. They actively started playing big festivals like Fuji Rock Festival. In 2013, they officially announced a new single called "Melodic Punks Not Dead!!!" under the band name NAMBA69. They released their debut album in December 2014, "21st Century Dream".

- Artist photo by Terumi Fukano -

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