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Knox Chandler is a New York based guitarist and cellist. He is known as a session musician but his musical career has spun widely including touring recording, arranging and producing several known for three decades.

Chandler got interested in music and arts at an early age and hearing Stravinsky for the first time as a child inspired his musical talent. Later on, hearing the Beatles on the radio while living in England in the early 60’s, boosted his interest in music.

Chandler´s biggest influence early on was Jimi Hendrix. What struck Chandler most was not Hendrix ´playing but the sounds he was able to create, especially the sounds heard on Third Stone From The Sun, EXP and the whole third side of Electric Ladyland.

In Bard College, where Chandler joined the AMDDFP (Art, Music, Drama, Dance, Film and Photography) division his interest in experimenting with music together with his humble personality shined through. Chandler quickly got acquainted and collaborated with inspiring people ranging from local artists to visiting professors on campus. After graduating from Bard, Chandler was already a known musician.

As a solo artist, Chandler has worked with acts such as Depeche Mode, Lori Carson, The Golden Palominos, The Psychedelic Furs, Grace Jones, Budgie and R.E.M on their album Automatic for the People. Chandler has also collaborated with Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode on his solo album Paper Monster. In addition, he has also recorded on two Cindi Lauper albums while working with her throughout a decade. Recent shows with Xpatsys (Robert Longo), J.G.Thirwell, Butterfly Percusion Parade (Budgie) and his long term association with Siouxie and the Banshees, The Creatures and Siouxie and the Dreamshow speak for themselves.

For the time being Chandler will continue to perform around NYC. He performs these shows where he plays live to videos he has created. Chandler processes video with the same aesthetic as he processes sound and tries to present the experience as a whole. Chandler also has plans to do more work with Budgie. They have some shows in Hong Kong including Talvin Singh and Damo Sazuki.

Chandler swears by the sound of his first TC Electronic product, the TC2290 Delay unit, which he has been using extensively for many years both in the studio for recording as well as on tour. Chandler agreed to create two TonePrints with us: one called the Toxic Verb Twister for the Hall of Fame Reverb and the other called Toxic Delays for the Flashback Delay, which reminds him of his trusty TC2290.

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Knox Chandler Creating TonePrints for the TC Electronic Reverb and Delay pedals

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