M•One XL is a dual effects unit, perfectly designed for LIVE applications. The reverbs truly shine, but it also features lots of other pristine effects such as Compressor, Chorus, Delay, Gate, etc.


  • TC Electronic XL Technology - Based on Our Renowned Reverb Heritage
  • High-quality Multi Effects - Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Compressor, Gate, etc.
  • Flexibility - Perfect for LIVE applications as well as in the STUDIO

XL Reverb Technology

Do the measures - it's time to size up! The essence of M-One XL, the XL Technology, is based on our heritage and continual research and development of Reverb technology. XL Reverbs give you new and improved spatial perspectives, across the entire range of Reverb algorithms.

The extended range of the 'reverb size' enables extremely wide or narrow spatial imaging, independently of the decay time. By applying 'Reverb size' to both Early Reflections and the Diffused Field, M-One XL achieves any combination from wide spaces with short decay times to narrow rooms with long decays. 

The XL Technology also stands out by applying sophisticated modulation patterns, simulating the modulation of a real room and allowing ranges of modulation from the barely audible real-room modulation to heavy chorusing and detuning reverbs, also simulating the vintage style of reverbs.

In short, you will get a natural and clear result that no other processor in this price range is able to provide.

Small Room Simulation

Simulations of Small Rooms have been a major focus in the tuning of the XL Reverbs. The Early Reflection patterns combined with the new set of Diffused Fields, allows for realistic simulations of real rooms.

If you apply it to source material, the room simulations will bring clarity and presence to the source. With the flexibility of the XL Technology, your can tweak the reverbs from virtually transparent Ambience patterns over large Hall Reverbs to low-resolution Plates or Spring reverbs with ease.

Reverb Types

M-One XL offers you all the great types of reverb you need for live performances or in the studio. Depending on the application, you can go for Live, Hall, Room or Plate. 



These 'classic' reverbs simulate the reverberation of very large rooms with high ceilings. They have unobtrusive reflections with a density and naturalness you have only been dreaming of - until now. The Hall reverbs are particularly great-sounding for vocals, acoustic guitar and piano.


The Live algorithms are the grainy type of reverbs known as the typical 1980s live reverbs. Use these reverbs whenever you need the extra edge to really 'cut through'  any PA system.


Our famous Room reverbs generate a vast array of room settings with different sizes and surfaces. The Room reverbs will make your music come alive by adding ultimate realism and texture to your mix. 


The most basic-sounding reverbs in the M-One XL are the 'non-digital', mechanical-sounding ones, which eleminates the need for metal plates: Create the artificial reflections typically found on 'old mechanical' reverbs! Plates 1 & 2 are particularly good for drums and vocal tracks.


M-One XL comes with 200 high-grade Factory Presets, covering any application imaginable. On top of that, M-One XL stores up to 100 of your favorite presets in the User Bank. When you are satisfied with your preset, just hit the STORE key to save.  It is so simple, that you almost forget you are actually making presets! 

How to...

M-One XL will handle all of your reverb needs with ease, and the range of applications is comprehensive, but we have gathered a few tips for three common situations below.


Lead Vocals

Dominating vocals are often supported by a well-tuned Hall and maybe even some delays. However, combining these two effects in the perfect mix can be a bit of a challenge.

The fact that Delay repeats continue to repeat the original dry source, even after the Reverb has decayed, makes the delay stand out as a separate effect.

Using the M-One XL 'Parallel/Serial' routing allows you to use both Delay, with the accurate tap control, and high-density Reverbs with independent inputs and simultaneously feed the Delay repeats into the Reverb, allowing a greater integration of the two effects.

Ambient Vocals

Getting the lead vocal to sound both crisp and present in a live mix is not always as easy as it sounds.

If you merely turn up the volume, keeping a neutral frequency response will make the vocal 'float' on top of the music, which is not very flattering to the vocals.

Instead, try to use the 'Ambience' Reverb of the M-One XL. The high-density Early Reflections and short decays will add sufficient brightness and shine to the vocal without compromising the frequency response.


Making a drum kit in general, or a snare drum in particular, stand out using reverbs has been common in Pop/Rock for many years. In the studio, where listening conditions are perfect, you have a number of choices. Achieving the same effect in a Live situation is quite a different story.

High-density reverbs tend to disappear in a PA system, so try to use the 'Live' reverb of M-One XL. It will give you exactly the level of graininess necessary to achieve this particular effect.

The 'Live' Reverb works extremely well for short and snappy snare reverbs, as well as big ballad 3.0 second Tom reverbs.

Point of View

"What am I looking for in a live sound reverb? That's easy a good mix of different types of sounds and a user interface that's easy to use. I want to be able to quickly edit the factory presets into the sounds I hear in my head. A full palette of sounds is also a must have, as a good reverb must be able to cover the full range of reverb styles from short trashy snares to natural sounding halls.  In its price class there just isn't a vocal reverb that can touch M-One XL. I also like M-One XL's ability to do it all twice in a single rack space. This is one cool box."

'Raz' Rasmussen, FOH Engineer for: Michael McDonald, Prince, LeAnn Rimes, etc.


by Allen Lam

The TC Electronic M-One XL has much to offer. It sounds great, has a wide variety of effects, and offers plenty of routing flexibility (including the ability to be configured as two independent multi-effects units). In addition, it doesn't take up much rackspace or use a lot of mixer inputs, and it offers prodigious bang for the buck. As a working sound engineer, I appreciate all of the M-One XL's attributes - so much, in fact, that I ended up buying one myself.

Future Music
by Jon Musgrave

Just like its predecessor the XL is incredibly simple to use. With the quartet of setup buttons, no function should be too many button pushes away. […]. With the M-One XL, TC has upped their game with regard to reverb quality at this price. The result is a unit far better described as a reverb than as a multi-effects unit.

Sound on Sound
by Hugh Robjohns

This is a serious machine capable of delivering very competent professional results, both technically and aesthetically. Well worth fitting into your effects rack.