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As one of Denmark’s most popular touring guitarists and the live guitarist for acclaimed art rockers Mew, Mads Wegner have worked his thick guitar sound into the ears of concert-goers for two decades.

A lust for gritty, edgy, thick sound effects, that make the audience cheer their hearts and lungs out – that’s what you get out of being a touring guitarist.

As a teenager growing his stubs, Mads listened his way into the formative years through Jimmy Hendrix and Eric Clapton. The world’s first super group and power trio Cream also got hold of his attention, inspiring him to dig in to the groove and twelve-bar chord progressions of the blues.

As a live guitarist he has shared the stage with such diverse acts as famous Danish singers Anne Linnet and Anne Dorte Michelsen, renowned guitarist Billy Cross, singer-songwriter Tue West, Danish rock band The Storm fronted by singer Pernille Rosendahl and as of late rock outfit Mew.

In 2015 Mads teamed up with Mew, a full 18 years after he attended his first concert with the band: “I felt like a child being adopted into somebody else’s family. And at our first rehearsal, I really felt like it was my first day in a new school.”

Mads was brought in as a replacement for the guitarist and founding member of Mew. Filling in for another magnificent guitarist is never easy, but Mads has managed to claim his own chair, and carved his name solidly into the back of it.

He always brings all his own amps and effects, and on stage he tries to give the band a thicker sound – topped off with some weird modulation. Especially in the fingerpicking parts and intros, here the guitar stands alone, so Mads wants it to fill the whole canvas.

For the sweet, ear-filling art rock, he uses the classic slap delay. So immensely popular within the indie scene, that is almost serves as a trademark for the entire genre, yet aeons before the indie scene claimed it, however, it was a characteristic of rockabilly and related styles, think Bill Haley, Elvis Presley and anything Sam Phillips ever touched.

As a touring sidearm the slapback have been, is, always will be the first and biggest love on Mads’ pedal board.

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