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One half of remix super-duo Bimbo Jones, Marc JB has tapped the tempo for countless nights out. Rooted in equal amounts of funky bits, sway and precision technique, the lime-lit duo has produced no less than 70 No. 1 singles in the UK and US.

Initially a skilled pianist with 10 years of jazz clubbing to his name, Marc JB’s entry into the remix sphere wasn’t exactly written in the stars. His shift towards dance music came after joining forces with hard-hitting DJ Lee Dagger, forming the now legendary Bimbo Jones tag-team.

Early on they established themselves with a consistent output, along the way remixing top-flight vocalists such as Lady Gaga, Annie Lennox and Rihanna and bringing the boogie to artists like The Killers and Earth, Wind & Fire.

As the Londoners were about to witness, Bimbo Jones were on a mission to pack the dance floors. Quickly finding a working setup utilizing Lee’s DJ-duties, they’d make a track during the day and then test it out at the club at night – with Lee on the decks and Marc sitting on the sub bass speaker, quietly taking note of how the sound worked and scoping the audience’s reaction.

Having the ears and feet of three or four thousand clubbers as a litmus test of their tracks provided the duo with valuable and always honest feedback, resulting in an extremely efficient workflow. At the height of their remixing run, they were literally churning out remixes, doing maybe four or five – a week.

Based on this high-caliber, rapid-fire output, they were duly nominated world’s best remixers six years in a row at the International Dance Music Awards.

One of the thumbprints of the Bimbo Jones discography is their strong hi-hat control. This lends their mixes an immense energy and adds that clear sense of pace and urgency, that hallmarks the British post-millennial electronic scene.

From his Velvet Jam studio – recently built, complete with an exceptionally tight control room and a live drum/ performance room and all – JB is currently producing for bands, film and TV as well as remixing.

In his own words: “It’s all about vibes and creativity unleashed from here on in!”

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