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Mark Holcomb is lead guitarist in the modern progressive metal band Periphery and his heavy killer-riffs can also be experienced in the extreme metal duo Haunted Shores, a studio project with fellow Periphery lead guitarist Misha Mansoor.

Up until the age of 13 all Mark wanted was to play basketball, (un)luckily he tore his MCL ligament in his knee and was laid out for half a year without being able to do anything physically. During this time he watched a Foo Fighters Live Special on MTV and Dave Grohl’s charisma and enthusiasm as a performer convinced Mark to start playing the guitar – and boy are we thrilled about that decision!

Dave Grohl being his gateway into music, metal-guitar-legends like James Hetfield of Metallica, Dimebag Darrell of Pantera, and the late Randy Rhoads were the “hard drugs” of his musical inspiration. Especially Metallica was such an inspiration that Mark started out learning the entirety of Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning on guitar. From that point Mark got into death metal, black metal, and other types of extreme stuff.

In the early 2000’s Mark moved to Washington DC and started to hang out with the Periphery guys – in particular fellow guitarist Misha Mansoor. They started the studio project Haunted Shores, where they released songs online for a couple of years, and one time in 2011 during Periphery’s tour in Australia Mark was asked to fill-in on guitar. Knowing Periphery so well, this super-sub quickly became a permanent member in the Periphery starting line-up!

Since Mark joined Periphery they have released 3 studio albums and toured the world multiple times. Mark and Misha are currently finishing up a new Haunted Shores album, which is going to be, according to Mark, way more negative than older HS and worlds faster and darker than Periphery – an album to look forward to!

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