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Mark Sheehan (born Marc Anthony Sheehan, October 29th, 1981) is the guitarist and co-founder of the Irish indie-group “The Script”. His overdriven and highly reverberated guitar-sound is a key element in the group’s musical expression.

If ever there was a script for making it in the music industry, Mark Sheehan and his band colleagues Danny O'Donoghue and Glen Power, seems to have stumbled upon it. Based on sheer speculation, that script would tell the story of two childhood friends growing up in Ireland dreaming of one day being discovered by a major music label, touring all over the world and opening shows for Paul McCartney or U2.

Of course all of this is speculation – We’ll never know if such a script exists. We can only take notion of the fact that the two friends dream came true.

Sheehan and O'Donoghue – who have been friends since the age of 12 – became a songwriting and production partnership in the mid-90s, and worked for a while in Los Angeles as songwriters and producers, but later moved back to Dublin, where they recruited Glen Power for their new band “The Script”. The Script's eponymous debut album was released in 2008 where it went straight to the number one spot on the UK's album charts, mainly due to the success of the two singles "We Cry" and "The Man Who Can't Be Moved", the latter reaching number 2 in Ireland, Denmark, and the UK. 2009 became a busy year for the band, touring all over the world and being the supporting act for Paul McCartney´s three concerts at the New York Citi Field, before releasing their second album “Science & Faith” in September 2010.

The Scripts´ latest album from 2012 simply bares the title “#3”, and contains their biggest single hit to date; "Hall of Fame" (here at TC that title really reverberates *wink, wink*). The single has been certified 5x Platinum in Australia, Platinum in Italy, 2x Platinum in New Zealand, 6x Platinum in Norway, 2x Platinum in Sweden and 2x Platinum in the US. The song also peaked at number 1 in the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Europe and Austria, and charted in over 30 countries.

The group is not intimidated by their own popularity though. They are still writing and recording everything themselves – as they always have.


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