Pressure Sensitive Expression

The revolutionary MASH technology adds the rich and fluid articulation of an expression pedal to your effects in the same compact stompbox that you know.

You can control pretty much any parameter conceivable with MASH and with the TonePrint Editor you can unleash the expressive potential in MASH any way you like.

Express Yourself With MASH

MASH reacts to the amount of pressure you put on the switch. The harder you press, the more intense the effect.

For each setting, MASH will control a different parameter, letting you express yourself without having to bend down and turn knobs and without a dedicated expression pedal.

For example, with Hall of Fame 2 Reverb you could use MASH to conjure up liquid swells of reverb while keeping both your hands on the guitar, or using the Mod setting you can MASH the amount of chorus on the reverb tail.

In the TonePrint Editor, you can assign MASH to control any parameter.

How to MASH

Press the switch to turn on the pedal. After that, you simply hold down the switch to engage MASH. The technology is pressure sensitive so the harder you press down, the more intense the effect. Lift your foot and MASH is bypassed. Of course, you still get either true- or buffered bypass by using the easy-to-access internal dip switch.

The MASHlight indicates the intensity of the effect controlled by MASH. Putting pressure on the footswitch will make the MASHlight brighter and lifting your foot off the pedal will make it dimmer.

Videos with MASH

Hall of Fame 2 Reverb

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Products with MASH