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About Mateus Asato

Brazilian guitar prodigy and social media shooting star, Mateus Asato, is making his presence felt with his tasteful, melodic playing and annoyingly good technique, mastering everything from bluesy soul and jazzy ballads to shredding metal.

Based in Hollywood and rooted in Brazil, Mateus Asato has become a household name in the world of social media guitar wizardry. Born in 1993, Asato picked up the guitar as a nine year old kid and received only two years of private lessons before he began playing with the local church’s worship team. As a teenager, he bested 500 other guitar players in the Brazilian guitar contest “Double Vision”, an experience that inspired him to pursue guitar playing professionally. Three years later, he moved to Los Angeles to study music at Musician’s Institute where he graduated with the title of “2014 Outstanding Guitar Player of Musician’s Institute”.

Mateus Asato’s playing is instantly recognizable; melodic chord progressions interwoven with flurries of tasty single note lines, seamlessly switching between his pick and his fingers. His playing grew from a wide range of musical influences. At first, he idolized the likes of shred gods Steve Vai and John Petrucci but after being introduced to the guitar-centric pop-rock of John Mayer, he went in a different direction. This led him on to the bluesy playing of icons like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan but also to the ethereal fingerstyle playing of Andy McKee and the indie-folk of Bon Iver.

According to himself, Asato’s style arose from attempting to play like his heroes and finding his own ways of going about the stuff that he couldn’t play. This pragmatic approach to the guitar has resulted in a uniquely eclectic style that displays a soulful touch, animated with passion and tempered by a keen sense of lyricism. But don’t just take our word for it, look him up online if you haven’t already! On his profiles, you can see Asato performing his own compositions and showcasing his mastery of technical ability, tone and taste. Asato’s video demonstrations on social media are as popular as they are impressive, many of them soaring through the YouTube stratosphere with over 100k views.

These days, Asato is travelling the world giving clinics to budding guitarists while regularly uploading demonstrations of his prowess on his social media feed. Aside from being part of American singer-songwriter Tory Kelly’s touring band since 2015, Asato has played with acts such as Mammoth, Israel Houghton, Esteban, and Jabin Chavez. He is hoping to record his own music before long, and frankly – we can’t wait for it to happen!

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