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Michael Shuman, affectionately named ‘Mikey Shoes’ by some, has come to be known for his stage antics and tremendous bass skills for the heavy rock outfit ‘Queens of the Stone Age’.

Having formed his first band at the ripe age of 14, Shuman is no stranger to the world of music and instruments. Although he is today known for his heavy bass lines for QOTSA, Shuman did in fact start off on the guitar. It was actually his longing for that ‘perfect’ sound that turned him to play the bass since no one that he auditioned could capture the tone and style that he had imagined.

Before he filled in the shoes for ex-QOTSA bassists, Alain Johannes, Shuman played bass and sang for the lesser known Wires on Fire, whom he had helped form. His entry into QOTSA came as a result of Wires on Fire having recorded an album with Alain Johannes and Natascha Shneider before. It also came just in time for him to play the tour for their fifth and latest album, Eva Vulgaris, released in 2007.

Josh Homme, founding member of QOTSA, is quoted as saying that he told Shuman “playing in Queens is about ‘performance’ and ‘blood’.” When Shuman replied “which do you want first?”, Homme knew he was the man for the job. Shuman has followed up on Homme’s expectations by adding his high energy and enthusiasm to the live shows.

In 2009, Shuman decided to take a break after the Eva Vulgaris tour, which led to the formation of the new band, Mini Mansions, whose style has been described to be reminiscent of The Beatles. This could very well be Shuman’s tribute to Paul McCartney who he references as his favorite bass player, although he has chosen to pick up drums for this particular project. As far as equipment goes for QOTSA, Shuman says he uses “an old SVT with an 8x10 and recently added an Acoustic 360.” He runs them both simultaneously, as it isn’t about loudness but rather about getting two separate tones and blending them into a new one.

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