Multichannel Mastering License

Use multichannel presets as templates for 5.1 limiting, optimization, DVD mastering and film to DVD transfers. Our presets are great starting points for Time Alignment, Bass Management and Downmix functions meeting international standards.

The Multichannel Mastering license includes all algorithms from the Stereo Mastering license, and is included with Mastering 6000.


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MD 5.1

Compressor, Expander and Limiter for multichannel signals in one algorithm. Extensive linking and priority parameters enable you to control your processing with precision.

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Toolbox 5.1

Support your surround productions with a palette of various Level, Test, Bass Management and Downmix tools.

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MDX 5.1

High-resolution dynamics processor for multichannel signals. This algorithm gives you a sophisticated approach to dynamic range control.

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EQ 5.1

Six mono channels of 4-band fully parametric EQ. Use this analog-sounding effect alone or in conjunction with other algorithms.

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