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Native Bundle

Native Bundle includes a series of high end processing tools for VST and Apple's Audio Units. If you work with native plug-ins, this bundle covers all your needs when it comes to equalization, dynamic processing (incl. de-essing), reverberation, limiting and maximizing, and now also filters and lo-fi effects. 

All tools are heavily performance optimized for smooth operation in your multitrack environment, saving precious computer power for other tasks. The intuitive user interfaces make these plug-ins invaluable tools that you'll be able to use instantly!

NEW in 3.1: Sonic Destructor - use this lo-fi plug-in to add textures to sterile files or for "vinylizing" your tracks. Add crackle, clipping, noise or rumble, reduce the bit depth, and squeeze and filter your audio to your liking!

With the new "artist kit" preset collection, Native Bundle now comes with more than 200 presets. The new internal preset manager ensures that presets are available in all your host applications and that preset exchange between Win and Mac systems is easy.