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Nick Beggs is currently the bass player for Steven Wilson and Kim Wilde. Over the years he has played with a huge number of artists including his own band Kajagoogoo, Steve Hackett and John Paul Jones.

Nick Beggs hit the big time in 1983 notably as the bass player with Kajagoogoo. Their first single, Too Shy, reached number one in the UK and seven other European countries, as well as a number five in the USA selling a total of over four million copies. After the band split, Nick and two other founder members carried on under the name Kaja with some UK & European chart success. Since then Nick has played with numerous artists including Belinda Carlisle, Alphaville and his own band: Ellis, Beggs & Howard who enjoyed commercial success with the hit single Big Bubbles, No Troubles in 1988.

Nick is also known for his Chapman Stick playing which he describes as "an instrument, which employs the technique of double-handed tapping. Both hands are free to tap directly onto the fret board enabling the player to cover bass and guitar parts simultaneously. With the added MIDI pickup you can also trigger as many synths as you wish. Put simply you can do the work of three players and hopefully get paid three times as much! But not always." More recently Nick has been recording and touring with Steven Wilson, appearing on both hit albums 'Grace for drowning' and 'The Raven that refused to sing.' The TC RH450 & RH750 have been an integral part of his stage set up for the past five years.


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