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TC Electronic Nova Reverb demo with Richard Morse

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Classic Revolution

All the classic TC Electronic Reverbs are represented in Nova reverb, including the stunningly realistic TC Classic Hall. Combine the 6 reverb types with a slew of advanced features, and it's clear to see why Nova Reverb has all the makings of a revolutionary product.


  • 5 studio quality digital stereo reverb types
  • Two switchable settings: manual and preset
  • DynaMix™ - dynamic ducking reverb

Rocking Reverbs

With everything from rooms, springs, halls, plates and some specials in between at your disposal, the search for reverb tones end with one pedal, no matter your taste or needs.

Manual or Preset Mode

Whether you want the programmability or presets or the spontaneous creativity of manual modes, Nova reverb fully supports either way.

Goodbye Muddy Sounds

DynaMix™acts as a dynamic ducking effect that turns down the reverb while you're playing and turns it back up again when you're not playing - great for when using long reverbs since DynaMix keeps the sounds focused and sharp.

Backstage Pass - All Access

There’s tons of options but nothing intimidating about Nova Reverb - in fact its amazing what radical sounds you can create with controls that are so straightforward.

Pre Delay

This allows controls how much faster your dry signal arrives before the effect does. Short times generally work well for smaller rooms, but the real fun lies in experimenting with longer predelays for bigger reverbs.


Whether you want a dark and cozy room reverb for that jazz gig or go totally Dick Dale with bright and spanky spring sound, the colour knob will deliver in spades.

Input Section

Flexible yet to the point, the I/O section for Nova reverb allows you to go wide with dual amp setups and create really broad soundscapes.


No time wasted looking for a 12vdc power supply - we’ve included one.


A unique feature inherited from the legendary TC 2290 delay. Dynamix allows you to control the level of the reverb via the dynamics of the input signal (i.e. how hard you play) making sure that ripping solo never gets lost in a sea of reverb.

Mix Level

Set the balance between your dry and effected signal and get the perfect mix of you and effects.

Special Effects

Stompbox, ambient and modulated reverbs for a sweet old-school vibe and very dreamy sounds.

Preset Mode

This is the mode where you access presets. We’ve filled Nova Reverb up with some nice starting points, but we strongly recommend finding your own sounds - it’s more fun and the chicks dig it.

Reverb Spillover

Reverb is kind of cool to have ring out after you have moved on to the next thing you wanna do – the reverb trails are often very atmonpheric. Nova Reverb allows you to do just that.

Manual Knob

This is a straight forward mode where what you see is what you get, and Nova Reverb behaves like a stompbox.

Main Effects

Room, Spring, Hall and Plate - the bread- and butter reverbs that always sound great!


Sets the decay time – or how fast the reverb ‘dies out’.

NR-1 Nova Reverb's Resume

  • 5 studio quality digital stereo reverb types
  • Two switchable settings: manual and preset
  • DynaMixTM - dynamic ducking reverb


TC Electronic Nova pedals demo with Richard Morse

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Artists Using NR-1 Nova Reverb


Premier Guitar
by John Bohlinger

The NR-1 Nova Reverb actually delivers on that promise and the DynaMix alone is worth the price of admission. DynaMix works like a tiny recording engineer living in your pedalboard, bringing a subtle effect increase only when you want it. Best of all, you don't have to do anything – just play and it happens.

Check out the full review by Premier Guitar

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