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Omar Torrez plays "narrative-driven" music with invoking images of smoky bars, Mississippi Delta porch jams, Cuban rumbas, avant-funk and experimental sounds coloring his original, yet radio-friendly style.

Born and raised in Seattle (where the Omar Torrez Band was voted ‘Best Band’ for three consecutive years by Seattle Weekly), the young artist received national attention when he won the National Jimi Hendrix Guitar Competition at the prestigious Bumbershoot Festival. After this victory, Omar embarked on a musical, spiritual and physical journey - traveling the world, studying Cuban and Andalusian gypsy music. Learning from the Cuban and Spanish musical masters such as Carlos del Puerto, Jr. and Juan Serrano, Omar immersed himself in classical and flamenco guitar. Living the life of a gypsy, he eventually found himself coming full circle back to his American music roots. Omar describes his music as equal parts rock, Latin, Delta blues, atonal classical and performance art. His heritage is as diverse as his music, ranging from Basque (via Mexico) to Norwegian, Native American and Russian roots.

This remarkable versatility caught the ears of Tom Waits who chose Omar to be his guitarist for the Glitter and Doom tour. His music now reflects these various experiences, revealing a multi-dimensional artist that is rare in today’s music scene.

Besides Tom Waits, Torrez has shared the stage with musical giants such as Kinky, the Buena Vista Social Club, Jethro Tull, Pancho Sanchez, Susana Baca, Mumiy Troll, Francisco Aguabella and Viola Trigo, as well as underground favorites Indigenous, B-side Players and Sidestepper.

When asked about his TC gear, Omar said…

After schlepping around heavy pedal boards and suffering through broken pedal cables and malfunctions throughout my tours and gigs, I began to try out various multi-effect pedals and was not impressed. Then I heard the TC Electronic stuff at a friend’s studio and was blown away. The NOVA System has analogue drive circuitry, warmth and versatility without sucking your tone away. PLUS, it can operate on European current as well. Now, no matter where I travel, whatever amp or PA system I endure, I always have my tones, without hassle, in a well-built box. That, together with the MojoMojo Overdrive and Polytune and I am set. Thank you TC!

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Omar Torrez and Carlitos Del Puerto - Omar Torrez Band "Mexican Home"

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