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Born and raised in London, England in a home full of music and with a sweet Telecaster hanging on the wall, young Paul Sayer grew up under all the right conditions for becoming one badass musician. Fast forward to today, and Paul has achieved just that with his band The Temperance Movement.

Paul’s musical journey officially began when he one day picked up that sweet Telecaster belonging to his dad, strummed his first chord and got bitten by the music bug big time. This led to Paul trawling the local record shops endlessly together with his dad, constantly on the look for new and old music alike that could fuel his craving for inspiring tones and ingenious guitar work.

In those shops he discovered the riveting and honest guitar work of players like Freddie King, Peter Green, Keith Richards and Jimmy Page, and instantly found a deep inner connection with their playing.

As Paul grew so did his skills on the six-string, which quickly saw him become an in-demand session and tour player. This resulted in Paul hitting the road with big British acts like Just Jack, Lily Allen, Ray Davies and Rea Garvey before he in 2011 felt that it was time to get his own songwriting out on record.

This saw him found the Temperance Movement together with Phil Campbell and Luke Potashnick, which found a common musical language in their honest and hard-hitting rock and roll roots, seeing Paul’s no-frills approach to guitar reach new majestic heights.

They released their self-titled debut album in 2013 and followed up with their sophomore release in “White Bear” in 2016. Both albums hit home with listeners across the world, and in their home country they both managed to enter the UK Top 10 chart.

In 2014/15 The Temperance Movement were personally invited by rock icon, Mick Jagger to join The Rolling Stones on tour, and along the way guitar-god, Jimmy Page has declared himself a true Temperance Movement believer, seeing Paul going full-circle as the musicians he once looked up to and learned so much from now praised his work as a guitarist and songwriter.

We're sure that the praise and accolades will keep rolling in for Paul and the rest of The Temperance Movement in the future to come.

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The Temperance Movement - Live at Rock Werchter 2014

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