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TC Electronic Röttweiler Distortion

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MORE is More!

Röttweiler Distortion is the one-stop shop for all things metal. From ultra tight thrash to downtuned sludgy riffs, classic heavyness or a modern crushing tone, this one does them all with a gloriously musical in-your-face attitude and vicious aggression.


  • Monster distortion
  • Two-band active EQ
  • Normal/mid-scoop toggle

Terror on Tap

An all-analog design with a distortion circuit based on soft clipping ensures ... wait, you know what? Let's just say there's a raging, firebreathing dragon waiting to be unleashed in this pedal, but the distortion always sounds natural and huge.

Terrificably Tweakable

Röttweiler's sound is distinct and aggressive, but also very shapeable via a two-band active EQ with Bass and Treble controls, allowing you to go from a classic Motörhead to a Sabbath-y sound through to a more modern Thrash or Sludgy tone with ease.

Voice Your Metal Gods

A mini toggle switch allows Röttweiler to instantly switch between two very distinct styles in metal: a more open sounding, sludgy crunch you may know from bands like Mastodon, The Sword or Kyuss and the classic, super-tight aggressive mid- scoop you know from Metallica, Pantera, Slipknot, etc.

Backstage Pass - All Access

It's difficult sculpting a sound that's everything at once: heavy and crushing, tight yet ringing, aggressive yet alive. Röttweiler features a powerful set of tone shaping tools that are focused an helping you please your inner riffmeister quickly and easily.

Voicing Switch

Instant access to the best mid-scooped thrash tones or more open sludge sounds.


There is tons of gain on tap so you can get your sounds as extreme as you can imagine - from a tight 80s crunch to modern meltdown.


One of the essential elements in metal tones, the bass frequencies are fine-tuned by this ultra-responsive knob. Add for doom-laden evil or cut for tightness.


Crank this knob to punish your amp even harder and drive it to new highs - maximize your amps potential and breed absolute rage monsters!


Roll of the highs for an even darker tone. Works well with dropped tunings. Add highs for added clarity and definition.

Maximum You

TC drive pedals offer true bypass. It simply means that no matter what your setup or situation, they give you optimal signal integrity so the 'you' in your playing shines through with unparalleled clarity and definition.

Röttweiler Distortion's Resume

  • Extreme high-gain distortion
  • Turn ANY amp into a cranked metal stack
  • Two-band active EQ with separate bass and treble controls
  • Voice switch
  • True Bypass
  • Unique one-screw battery access for lightning fast battery changes
  • Custom 'hammerhead' rugged, die-cast aluminum casing built for a life on the road 


Troy Sanders trying the Röttweiler

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Artists Using Röttweiler Distortion


Guitar World
by Chris Gill

No matter where the gain or EQ controls are set, the distortion tones handle both rhythm and lead duties well, with single-note lines maintaining plenty of body and presence even when the bass is booming and the treble is razor sharp.

Guitar Player
by Art Thompson

Even at full saturation, the Rött can slice right through a crowded band mix. Subtle, it's not. In fact, this pedal is so deliciously evil, that if I owned a Rottweiler dog, I might be a tad offended.

by Trevor Curwen

If it's gain you're looking for it's all here - the range here runs from 'plenty' to 'shedloads' catering for chugging rhythms, taut riffing or lead breaks. This pedal will project your sound even without using the widely adjustable treble and bass.

Check out the full review by Guitarist
Total Guitar
by Stuart Williams

We were impressed with how well the Röttweiler deals with pick definition and note separation. Even at its filthiest settings, and with the mid-scoop voicing, we could hear every note.

iHeart Guitar
by Peter Hodgson

Even at the lowest level on the Gain control, the Röttweiler is punchy and gritty. Turn the Gain up and things get quite hairy indeed (...) It has plenty of grit and grind for scooped metal rhythm work, but it’s equally adept at smooth, midrangey solo tones too. It’s rare to find a pedal that can do both equally well.

Check out the full review by iHeart Guitar
by Jens Geilich

Last but not least ... I am also very impressed with the dynamics which is very rare in the high-gain pedal department. The Röttweiler turns out to be one of the very few exceptions.

Check out the full review by Delemar


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