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Steve Genewick is a Grammy-nominated recording engineer. As staff engineer at Capitol Studios, Genewick has worked with such legends as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Michael Bublé, Paul McCartney, Aerosmith, Queen, and many others.

Steve has used the System 6000 for many years. Almost since it came out in 1999. In fact most of the engineers at Capitol have used it since then.

“Our friend Casey Young came in and said: ‘I’ve got this great new reverb box. You gotta hear it.’ We did what we always do when someone says they have something new. We said "Yeah, yeah, bring it down, we’ll see."

They didn’t expect a revolution—you rarely do—but any skepticism vanished as soon as they heard the kind of sounds the System 6000 could make. “It’s been in our arsenal ever since. The great thing about the 6000 is, that it doesn’t sound like reverb. It just sounds natural. Not processed.”

Steve has worked with a remarkable range of artists within many genres of music. He is equally at home working with jazz, rock ’n’ roll, hip-hop and R&B, from large orchestras to single artist recordings. With such a range of sounds there are always many decisions about what mics and equipment to use. However, the System 6000 is flexible enough to adapt to pretty much anything.

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Steve Genewick talks about his use of System 6000

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