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Steve Morse is best known as the founder of the Dixie Dregs, and guitar player in Deep Purple since 1994. Morse's career has encompassed genres rock, country, funk, jazz, classical, and fusion.

Steve Morse is a true guitar legend. Period! He has been influencing guitarists all over the world since the 70’s, and today, he stands out as one of the all-time-guitar-greats, who actually managed to stay at the forefront of rock guitar for nearly four decades. Steve started playing when he saw The Beatles play live on a TV-Show. He was floored, and he instantly knew that the guitar could play so many styles of music that he just had to learn how to play. So, he formed a band, playing covers of Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Kinks, later on to Zeppelin and Cream, in which he became familiar with the basics of rock 'n' roll guitar! In the 70’s he co-founded the Dixie Dregs, and in the late 80’s he joined KANSAS when they reunited. Since 1993, he has been a full-time member of the legendary rock band, Deep Purple, and on the side, he has been the bandleader of a number of solo projects as well. So, Steve is definitely ‘still going strong’ – even after some four decades of touring, recording, performing and rocking! Impressive!

We asked Steve which TC Electronic products he uses. “Well, I have Nova Delay, PolyTune and my favorite – the new ‘TonePrint’ FlashBack Delay,” Steve says as he continues. “I also have a bunch of vintage TC Electronic pedals. Back in the old days, a friend of mine gave me this really great delay to try out. It was just really well put together and well designed, but it was hard to find back then.” So, how does Steve utilize these pedals in his rig as well as during performances? “The tuner is my stage tuner because it has true bypass, and it is fast and easy to read in the dark or with the stage lights up,” Steve tells us. “The delay, finally I have ‘the one’. It sounds great because I was allowed to customize it exactly to what I wanted, plus it can be configured to give a 100% wet output. This means, for me, that I can use it to feed my wet amp – the same way I used to use huge digital rack mount delays for. My main thing is the modulation on the delay. Everybody seems to have forgotten about this, and I'm insisting that everybody tries my TonePrint preset and try and tell me that doesn't sound fantastic! My trick is to feed the delay from the effect send, but return it to a volume pedal, then to a separate wet amp... The delay has to be set so that there is no dry signal in the mix, which is no problem with the TC Electronic stuff. I have a box full of other pedals I've bought to try out, and none of them will do this. When TC makes the next pedal that I've asked for, I'll show you another neat trick that, again, nobody else is doing because none of the pedals give this capability. So, stay tuned!” Finally, we asked Steve about his overall approach to ‘living music’ as well as what his future plans are. “Well, my approach is to always try and please myself. I have no delusions that the music business will ever care what I do, so I have always been free to let my music be what it is without fear of rejection. People going to the shows have always fed me and my family, so the only constant I've had in my life is follow my conscience,” Steve says. “As for the future, I've got a lot going on, with a very special recording project with some great musicians that isn't quite finished. Plus, I'm doing some guest recording, and an appearance on Sharon Isbin's classical recording. Oh, and Deep Purple never stops touring, so I'm off soon!”

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