Extensive I/O Section Featuring 4 IMPACT II™ Preamps

Studio Konnekt 48 Features Preamp Input

With a very wide gain range, any type of microphone can be used with these great sounding mic preamps. Customized headroom ensures high quality recordings by treating very hot signal levels equal to low signal levels. Phantom power for condenser microphones goes without saying. The phantom power of Studio Konnekt 48 is compatible with all dynamic microphones and it is no problem using condenser microphones and dynamic microphones simultaneously.

The four combo inputs on the front of Studio Konnekt 48 also feature inputs for high impedance instruments such as guitars or basses, and to get the best possible sound quality, there is a separate electronic circuit handling guitar signals. An auto detecting sensor detects whether you have attached an instrument and selects the appropriate circuit via the built-in relay switch.

Studio Konnekt 48 Features Rear TRS Jacks

With 8 TRS line inputs on the rear panel, the total amount of simultaneously streamable analog inputs is 12. The TRS inputs are balanced and the input sensitivity can be set to -10 or +4 dB.  Analog and digital inputs can be monitored using the high resolution input display.

On the rear panel, you will also find 8 TRS line outputs. These would do nicely with a surround speaker setup, typically 5.1 (left, right, center, LFE, left surround, right surround). Also, line outs would make sense for sending out separate mixes to external headphone amps, or even to an external mixing desk if needed. They are also perfect for integrating external analog hardware with your DAW based studio.

Studio Konnekt 48 Features Main Outputs

For your main monitor speakers we've provided special XLR connections. This balanced stereo output is analog, but at the same time it is digitally controlled. This combines the great analog sound with the flexibility and precision of digital control.

The comprehensive digital I/O section features double ADAT (8 channels, 96 kHz SMUX), TOS, S/PDIF, MIDI and word clock I/O and the digital part is powered by the unmatched DICE Jet jitter elimination engine securing the best possible digital quality.  30 channels are streamed to and 28 channels are streamed from the DAW simultaneously.

Studio Konnekt 48 Features Headphones Section

The two headphone outputs on the front of Studio Konnekt 48 have individual amplification, level control and source. The left headphone output has its own D/A converter, while the right one uses the same D/A converter as line out 11/12. The flexible routing of Studio Konnekt 48 even allows you to route two independent signals to each side (left and right) of your headphones - if you're a DJ, you'll like this feature, because it allows you to have the main track in one side and the cue in the other - at the same time.

FireWire I/O

Studio Konnekt 48 is a 1394 FireWire based audio interface. One great advantage of this is that it is extremely easy to connect other Konnekt audio interfaces to your setup, thereby enhancing the number of I/Os and effect channels in your system. But not only is it easy to connect to your computer, the future proof network design also enables direct monitoring between devices.

An important part of the FireWire design of the Konnekt interfaces is based on a TC designed chip called DICE II™. The DICE II™ chip is the electronic part that makes the connection between all the inputs and outputs of Konnekt, but it does way more than that.

One important feature of the chip is the JET™ jitter elimination technology. JET™ is TC's next generation of jitter elimination and sync handling, based on experience from TC flag ship System 6000, EQ Station and Dynaudio Professional AIR™ speakers.

Jitter Elimination

Caused by the variations in the timing of digital clocks controlling audio devices in the digital system, packets being streamed can arrive with varying delays. Jitter appears as audio degradation including reduced dynamic range and collapsed stereo fields.

With integrated JET™ technology Studio Konnekt 48 is able to perfectly align all digital signals from external digital sources, including the ones from FireWire. This means that all supported digital formats will be aligned to ensure maximal digital quality.

JetPLL™ makes sure that unwanted jitter is eliminated, and plays a significant part of why Studio Konnekt 48 will enhance the sound of your projects dramatically.

Advanced Clock Recovery

Sometimes users would like to synchronize the system to an external source. For this purpose, they use a house clock product to sync to. Studio Konnekt 48 can of course sync to an external source, using one of its digital ins, including word clock.

One of the problems with syncing to external sources is that the system is totally dependent on the sync device. If the connection is broke or the external device is turned of, the system will potentially stop playing. Some audio interfaces will automatically shift from external sync to internal sync, and this will keep audio playing, but at a different sample rate.

A unique feature in Studio Konnekt 48, called Advanced Clock Recovery, not only ensures that the system continues to play, but it also makes sure that it continues to play at the sample rate that it was syncing up to.

To learn more about JET,  read the paper 'Clean Clocks, Once and for All?'

Thanks to the DICE II and the JET™ technology, the FireWire connections are used to their full potential. Not only does the DICE II ensure ultra stable audio streaming, it also gives you the potential of streaming a great number of simultaneous audio channels, without any loss of quality, and with an extremely accurate timing. And don't forget that all of this can be done in a massive 192 kHz, 24-bit resolution.