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... And There Was Tone. And Guitarists Saw That Tone Was Good.

So, you know TC. You know we do top notch guitar FX. Maybe you even have one of our TonePrint pedals, for which artists did their signature takes on our effects. Have you even considered that you could be one of them? Tweaking and customizing your sound until it is just right, fits your needs and creativity?

Maybe a tribute to a classic effect unit you own but can't take out on the road or just a customized version of a classic tone you just dig? The TonePrint editor allows you to do just that: infuse your taste, vision and creativity on our effects. From the ground up, no holds barred, store it and you might actually plant the seeds of a future classic sound!

  • Create your custom TonePrint pedal
  • A free and fun way to tinker with tone
  • Store endless variations of totally unique sounds

 Download the TonePrint Editor Here 

Custom From The Ground Up

The TonePrint Editor allows guitarists to design their pedal from the ground up, no limitations. So unlike solutions where you get to tweak a couple of parameters or all-in-one  solutions, the editor allows you to custom build your take on our TonePrint effects: delay, reverb, chorus, flange and vibrato and fundamentally change the character of the effect, or and the range of the knobs - exactly how you want or need things to sound.

Fiddling Is Fun!

You can't beat tweaking tone for a good time. The possibilities, the creativity, adjusting sounds to suit your gear and needs or getting the tone of guitarists that inspire you, it just does not get old. And, since the best thing in life are free, the TonePrint Editor is available to you free of charge.

There’s No Place Like Tone

The TonePrint Editor allows you to make as many variations of an effect as you can imagine. Have a cool vintage effect unit that sound killer, but is too cumbersome to take out gigging? Use the TonePrint Editor to capture the sound in a sturdy TonePrint pedal! Wanna make a unique sound or tweak existing tones to perfection? Go ahead! It's easy, it's fun and it sounds absolutely killer!

What is TonePrint?

What is TonePrint? - TC Electronic's Tore Mogensen explains

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TonePrint simply means signature effects. Custom built versions of classic TC effects, available for our TonePrint pedals. We're not talking simple presets, we're way past that! These are custom tuned sounds built by the best of the best in music from the ground up, with every parameter, knob range and effect value up in the air!

We've asked the very best guitarists and bass players to give us their take on TC effects as they use them live and in the studio and they have dialed in a sound that truly represents them via our deep editor. What you end up with is a signature TC effect that is simply dripping with the DNA of rock!

Backstage Pass - All Access

The TonePrint Editor is super-simple and super-fast, but it’s a serious tool that yields impressive results. This is the true future of effects: a fantastic sound out of the box that can be customized and deep-edited to fit what you want to hear, no limitations.

Slide Into Greatness

The way the editor works is via sliders you can set to adjust different parameters contained in an effect. From subtle to extreme, these sliders allow you to create a version of a renowned TC effect with your own personal TonePrint, fundamentally altering the character and behavior of effects.

Face The Interface

The interface in the TonePrint Editor is geared towards both musicians that want to dive in deep and tweak every last detail and people that want to get a sound up and running quickly. It’s easy to keep an overview of whatever you have going on and results are displayed in real-time, making editing an adventure, not a job.

Know What’s Hot On The Spot

The TonePrint Editor allows you to hear what is going on at all time, so you can adjust parameters as you play. Changes are instant so you always know what works and what may need a bit more tweaking for your taste.


We’re all guitarists and we pride ourselves of being in the middle of the guitar community - our products are made by guitarists for guitarists and we feel your vision and ideas is as important as ours and now, with the TonePrint Editor, we can work together even closer!

Tone On The Range

The TonePrint Editor allows you to to completely customise knob range and behaviour. Whether you want to dial in an effect with a very specific goal and knob settings or cut loose all parameters and launch your tone into glorious insanity - it’s completely up to you!

To the library!

The editor comes with a built-in Librarian function, which keeps track of all artist TonePrints, and those made by artists. Searching is lightning fast and results can be grouped by product, artist, your favorite sounds and you can differ between guitar and bass.

Save that sound!

One of the most requested features known to mankind: saving your own TonePrints! It’s now here in all it’s glory, save up to 200 of your own creations right as you hit peak creativity within the editor with one button press.

TonePrint Editor's resume

  • Build your own custom version of renowned TC Effects from scratch.
  • Complete control over all effect parameters and effect behaviour - your vision, your sound.
  • Customise knob functions and knob range to suit your needs and sounds. 
  • Intuitive slider-based interface.
  • Live auditioning of sounds - make changes on the fly and get direct results.
  • Absolutely free!
  • Works with both PC and Mac.
Cool vid with tips and tricks about the TonePrint Editor

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by Trevor Curwen

Plug a TonePrint-equipped pedal into your computer via its supplied USB cable, power it up, the software will detect it and that blank slate graphic will magically fill with sliders and menus representing all of the editable parameters of the connected pedal - loads of them!

Total Guitar

The TonePrint Editor is available for PC, Mac and iPad, and provides a terrifying number of parameters for tweaking delays, reverbs, and modulations.


It's Finally Here!

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