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UniTune Clip offers uncompromised tuning quality and versatile tuning options. With high-quality construction, fast and responsive performance and the utmost accuracy, UniTune Clip is the essential Clip-On tuner for any guitarist, bassist or ukulele player!

With its elegantly simple and sturdy design, scorchingly bright display and quick responsive performance, UniTune Clip is the obvious companion for serious musicians and bedroom heroes alike.

It's elegant, intuitive to use, and sure to hold up for years and years of tune-ups.


  • Reliable and elegant Clip-On Tuner
  • Extremely accurate Strobe tuner with +/- 0.02 cent accuracy
  • Ultra-fast Chromatic tuner with +/- 0.05 cent accuracy

The Power Couple of Tuning Modes

UniTune Clip features a light-speed chromatic tuning mode, that tunes your instrument in an instant with a scorchingly bright needle display to an accuracy of ± 0.05 cent. UniTune Clip gives you an instant readout for those quick on-stage tune-ups where you don't want to hold up the gig for a bad pitch.

If precision is of the utmost importance, go for the strobe tuning mode and literally get within two cents of your note. With an incredible ± 0.02 cent of tuning accuracy, UniTune Clip is at home on the back of your headstock rocking out as well as for fine-tuning. 

Built To Last

UniTune Clip was built with reliability and longevity in mind. The casing is molded out of a custom-made resin designed specifically to provide the kind quality and feel you would expect from a TC Electronic product.

The tough stainless steel clip is sandblasted for a safe grip when handling it and it is fitted with a tight industrial grade spring along with extra-grippy rubber pads to safely perch your tuner on your guitars headstock.

Form and Function

UniTune Clip features an ultra-bright display with 108 high-powered LEDs that is easily visible anywhere from sunlit amphitheatres to pitch-black back stages. It doesn't matter which way you turn UniTune Clip as it will automatically adjust itself for a quick readout.

The tuner is fast, responsive, and accurate, always focusing on the vibration input from your instrument and drowning out background noise. This makes it usable in loud live settings.
Don't worry about battery life either - UniTune Clip switches itself off to conserve batteries after 3 minutes and with regular use will work for up to 18 hours of on-time.

Backstage Pass - All Access

UniTune Clip is extremely simple but we think it's so cool that we'd like to tell you about it anyway!

Custom materials

Not being satisfied with what was on the market, we created our own resin that would meet our expectations for a casing worthy of UniTune Clip.

Hold fast!

Once you've placed it on your guitar, UniTune Clip stays in place. An industrial grade clip wrought from sandblasted alloy gives you a safe grip and a sturdy feeling when handling UniTune Clip.

Display on point!

UniTune Clip automatically senses which way it's turning and adjusts itself accordingly, always orientating its ultra-bright LED-display for a quick readout.

Quickly and chromatically

Superbly fast, the Chromatic mode is there for easy and quick tune-ups to an accuracy of ± 0.05 cent.

Reference pitch

If you're not a follower of the 440 hz school - that's cool. This button lets you set the reference pitch from 435 to 445 hz.

Perfect memory, perfect pitch, perfectly simple

UniTune Clip features set-and-forget operation and always remembers how you want your pitch so you don’t have worry about it. Even after you turn it off.

Precision in a pinch

For the ultimate in tuning precision, look no further than UniTune Clip’s Strobe mode which takes you to an astounding pitch accuracy of ± 0.02 cent.

Tuning modes

This button switches between the speedy chromatic mode and the ultra precise strobe mode.

UniTune Clip's Resume

  • State of the art Clip-On Tuner
  • Strobe tuner with +/- 0.02 cent accuracy
  • Ultra-bright and easy to read display
  • Adaptive screen: ensures a perfect readout no matter where you place UniTune Clip
  • Elegant yet durable design
  • High quality stainless steel clip
  • Chromatic Mode with +/- 0.05 cent accuracy
  • Up to 18 hours of usage via a standard Lithium Coin Battery (CR2032)


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