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Cross-grading from PowerCore or TDM

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If you already own a VSS3 license for PowerCore, ProTools|HD or ProTools|HD Accel, you know the merits of the VSS3 first-hand.

All existing VSS3 users can cross-grade to the native version at a reduced price.

Prices are ex. VAT

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The Sound You Want

VSS3 Native is the most realistic and versatile reverb ever made for your DAW. With a wealth of possibilities to adjust, it will deliver the precise sound you need.

Choose a preset for quick and no-fuss reverb delight - or move in depth to take full control of the early reflections, body and tail of your reverb.

We call it "crazy tweak-ability".


More features

Award-Winning Quality

A solid reverb is a key component to any recording or post-production effects chain.

Ported from our legendary System 6000, the VSS3 Native delivers superb clarity and rich resolution to your mix - equaling its hardware brothers and sisters.

With its no-compromise algorithm and extremely wide dynamic range, it is an awesome choice of main reverb for your studio.

Tried and Tested

The algorithm of the VSS3 Native was fine-tuned by our engineers for more than a year before its initial release.

Over the years audio professionals around the world have adopted it as their go-to reverb for adding clear acoustics and realism to their source material.

That's why the distinct effect of the VSS3 can be heard on thousands of albums and films and has elevated the sound of many more concerts and live productions.

Skywalker Presets banner

Early Adopters: Skywalker Sound

For 40 years straight the engineers at Skywalker Sound have set a high bar for sound design for film & TV, and along the way piled up Oscars, Baftas, CAS Awards and Golden Reels like nobody's business!

After using VSS3 Native on a couple of projects, this is what they had to say:

"The TC 6000 is my go to reverb when I'm mixing traditionally on a console, so having that engine in a plug-in gives me an added dimension for Sound Design and a
familiar friend when mixing virtually."

- Christopher Boyes
Supervising Sound Editor, Skywalker Sound

James Mather on the VSS3 Native

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First Impressions with James Mather

Emmy Award winning James Mather is a fan of TC Electronic reverb.

He is also the audio genius behind Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, 4 Harry Potter films, the Oscar-Winning Wallace & Grommit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and many more…


Visit James' artist page

Maximum Ambience with Full Mono Capability Image

Maximum Ambience with Full Mono Capability

The technology behind VSS3 features an exceptional dynamic range, bringing extra life to your mix. It does this through carefully crafted early reflection algorithms which stay true to the exact 'location' you want for source of your mix.

No matter how much ambience you add, your recording will maintain its fidelity when collapsed to mono.

World Wide Research Image

World Wide Research

Collaboration on the VSS3 has been extraordinary. Not only have our in-house engineers worked night and day to refine the thousands of parameters under the digital hood, but we've been in dialog with the finest engineers in the world.

These studio pros (see some of them below) have tested our algorithms on all forms of audio including musical genres from orchestral to pop. They've listened carefully to all instrumental combinations and voice types and the refinements they've suggested are a crucial part of what makes VSS3 outstanding.

The Secret of Source Reverb Image

The Secret of Source Reverb

VSS3 moves you from the world of generic reverbs (the same reverb applied to many sources) to reverb for single elements (or groups) sharing the same panning position. Like a graphic artist moving from 2-D to 3-D, you'll find yourself in a new audio universe.

Source reverbs generate multiple, complex and early reflection patterns leading to a depth, distinction and character just not possible with generic reverbs.

Ready for Any DAW

Ready for Any DAW Image

VSS3 Native supports all modern plug-in standards, giving you the freedom to work with any DAW you prefer.

  • Pro Tools (AAX Native)

  • Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton Live, Reaper and more (VST)

  • Logic Pro X (Audio Units)

VSS3 Native - Main Features

  • Stereo source reverb - ported from the System 6000 hardware series
  • Maximum ambience, yet full mono compatibility
  • Exceptionally wide dynamic range
  • Available as a plug-in for all major DAWs
  • Source specific early reflections for character and localization
  • Focus Fields for easy tweaking and navigation
  • Based on 1000s of hours of fine-tuning and trimming
  • Great results - with or without modulation
  • Seamlessly import VSS3 presets from System 6000


Tony Maserati on VSS3 Native

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Studio Pros using VSS3

Some of Our Broadcast & Production Users Across the Globe

B&P Users

VSS3 Reviews

by Diogo Borges

Recommended for: Mainly mixing engineers on both the music and post-production fronts, but I can see producers being well served here since the VSS3 is a great sounding reverb that can achieve the desired results quickly without being daunting to use. Sound designers will also enjoy its great depth and realism and I know that some mastering engineers are also fond of a little reverb depending on the work in hand, so they might want to check out this one due to the super clean and greatly malleable character. (5/5 stars)

Check out the full review by Gearslutz
Sound on Sound
by Sound on Sound

There's no denying that this is a seriously high-quality reverb that has a distinctly different character to the Powercore's existing Classicverb and Mega Reverb. Having the option of using a stereo source does produce a more definite sense of placement within the stereo field, but still in a very natural and convincing way.

Check out the full review by Sound on Sound
Mix Online
by K.K. Proffitt

Now that I have VSS3 on my system, I find myself creating sounds in stereo with it and relegating the System 6000 to surround mixes and sound design. Clients are impressed by the results and immediate gratification. VSS3 is a great addition to a System 6000 and Pro Tools HD system. If you don't have a System 6000, VSS3 is a top-shelf reverb for Pro Tools HD. With its clear interface and excellent presets, it's a natural.

Check out the full review by Mix Online
by Bassel el Hallak

Wer auf der Suche nach einem professionellem Reverb Plug-In ist, kommt am VSS 3 nicht vorbei. Die übersichtliche und einfache Bedienbarkeit gibt keine Rätsel auf und die Klangqualität ist über jeden Zweifel erhaben. Einzig der Preis wird für manchen ein kleiner Wermutstropfen sein und die Freude daran, sich von den verschiedenen Hallsounds und ihrer Qualität inspirieren zu lassen, unter Umständen etwas trüben.

Check out the full review by bonedo